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Margaret C. James

#4 Plumbago Drive,
Belfast, Mahaut
Commonwealth of Dominica

(767) 225-6500(767) 225-6500
(767) 615-7777(767) 615-7777

I grew up in a home environment where Arts and Craft was one of surest, fastest, bread winning commodities which added significantly to the family income for raising ten Children. My mother was from Grand Bay and brought her humble source of livelihood with her, which was making straw hats and bags. Therefore each of her children learnt a great deal of art and craft. This entailed getting the straw, preparing it, plaiting it and of course watching her peddle that singer sewing machine to form it into a hat.

Hence, from the very tender age of 7 years I became deeply involved in the family business enterprise. I learnt a number of artistic designs not only in straw work but also crochet, knitting, punching, weaving, embroidery etc. Whatever she didn’t know she sent her children to learn elsewhere. I naturally love the arts and craft venture. I've learnt to make hats, bags, purses, slippers, fans and various other items. In addition to this I sometimes do sketches/paintings, and write poems.

In my spare time it is quite relaxing to make a hat or two or crochet. In 1992 I started planning for my retirement and decided to make this art & craft business as my dream come true. Here I am today blessed with remarkable talents and gifts from God, which carries on the legacy of my deceased mother. I love what I do; there is no doubt about that. With hard work, confidence in the ability to succeed, I will surely add greater value to the Art & Craft Industry in Dominica. I know that creativity, consistence and persistence, will surely boost my ego to develop new skills. 

I embrace every opportunity to produce and showcase a unique craft which will attract markets both locally and internationally. With an innovative mind the designs come naturally. I am thriving to keep my work second to none, as there is a need to retain the straw industry.