Straw      Basketry      Dolls      Weaving      Bags      Hats      Decorative      Functional      Household      Souvenirs      Traditional      Screw Pine
Annie Anthony
ABILITIES UNLIMITED - Workshop For The Blind was established by the Government of the Commonwealt...
Bags      Dolls      Hair Accessories      Jewelry      Madras      Textile      Leaves      Souvenirs      Hats      Quilting      Soft Furnishings      Straw
Annita Watty
(767) 245-4638(767) 245-4638
Annie’s Craft & Souvenirs is a craft business owned by Artisan, Annita Watty.  My business sp...
Fine Art      Paintings      Prints
Arthurley Richards
(767) 612-7666(767) 612-7666
I am a self-taught Artist whose paintings reflect the life and nature of my homeland, Dominica. B...
Clothing      Bags      Madras      Textile
Shirley George
(767) 277-8996(767) 277-8996
Aunty Shirley’s  Sewing is owned by Artisan, Shirley George. I specialize in bags made from fabri...
Basketry      Dolls      Hats      Mats      Crochet      Screw Pine      Straw
Cecilia Joseph George
(767) 316-0621(767) 316-0621
(767) 285-8703(767) 285-8703
Cecilia Making Craft (C.M.C) is a craft business owned by Artisan Cecilia Joseph George from Penv...
Contemporary      Decorative      Paper Craft      Paper      Greeting Cards      Recycled
Greta Green
Welcome to CraftyBlooms’ webpage on the DACPA website. CraftyBlooms was born many years when my n...
Bags      Hats      Madras      Textile
Edna Mark
Creole creations is a home-based business owned by Artisan, Edna Mark.  I specialize in creole ba...
Jewelry      Souvenirs      Key-rings      Bamboo      Coconut      Cow Horn      Calabash      Seeds      Wood      Scroll Saw      Coral
Orlando Francis
011-590-690-814-281 (Guadeloupe)011-590-690-814-281 (Guadeloupe)
(767) - 614-1648 ( Dominica)(767) - 614-1648 ( Dominica)
I am artisan, Orlando Francis and I own a craft business called, D & A Bijoux Creole. My busi...
Wood      Carvings      Decorative      Functional      Souvenirs      Lamps      Household      Bowls      Ornaments
Steven Dailey
“We make signature crafts which, makes memories immortal” If you are a: Distributor Craft Sho...
Dolls      Belts      Bags      Jewelry      Soft Furnishings      Souvenirs      Crochet      Clothing      Madras      Textile
Ethel Thomas
(767) 225-4668(767) 225-4668
Ethel’s Creative & Tings is a very versatile craft business owned by Ethel Thomas. My craft b...
Dolls      Jewelry      Soft Furnishings      Souvenirs      Calabash      Leaves      Madras      Seeds      Textile
Henrietta Seraphin
(767) 225-8504(767) 225-8504
I am Artisan, Henrietta Seraphin and I live in the west coast village of Massacre. I am involved ...
Calabash      Glass      Leather      Leaves      Fine Art      Paintings      Jewelry      Textile      Bamboo      Paper      Ceramics      Household      Souvenirs      Greeting Cards      T-Shirts
Hilroy Fingal
You may call me "Hilly" 'as I am most affectionately known by all. Painting has been an integral ...
Bags      Beadwork      Clothing      Dolls      Greeting Cards      Hats      Mats      Paintings      Postcards      Souvenirs      Toys      Weaving      Crochet      Screw Pine      Straw      Belts
Margaret C. James
(767) 225-6500(767) 225-6500
(767) 615-7777(767) 615-7777
I grew up in a home environment where Arts and Craft was one of surest, fastest, bread winning co...
Jewelry      Key-rings      Sea Glass      Shells      Stone
Janet Belleau
(767) 275-5284(767) 275-5284
Jewels of Silver Lake (JOS) is a jewelry making business comprising a group of six (6) young ladi...
Jewelry      Bamboo      Coconut      Sea Glass      Metal
Kathy Sorhaindo
Kreative Links creates jewelry designs in the warm metals of copper and brass as well as in sterl...
Bags      Hair Accessories      Jewelry      Coconut      Seeds      Hats      Crochet      Household      Functional
Madlene Bonnie
I am Artisan, Madlene Bonnie from the beautiful, quiet village of Cochrane in the Roseau valley. ...
Dolls      Bags      Hats      Soft Furnishings      Souvenirs      Quilting      Madras      Textile      Household      Mats
Marian Carbon
(767) 445-8569(767) 445-8569
(767) 316-2852(767) 316-2852
Marie’s Craft Plus is a craft business owned by Marian Carbon. My home-based craft business speci...
Carvings      Jewelry      Souvenirs      Bamboo      Coconut      Calabash      Cow Horn      Seeds      Shells      Stone      Key-rings      Bowls      Functional      Household      Ornaments      Wood
Julian James
I am Artisan Julian James of Tarreau, on the west coast of Dominica. I specialize in the craft of...
Jewelry      Leather      Recycled      Candles      Soaps      Belts      Metal
Vanessa Lissa Winston
(767) 612-4585(767) 612-4585
(767) 245-7368(767) 245-7368
New Beginning Gifts and Leathers (NBGL) is a micro-enterprise owned by Vanessa Lissa Winston At N...
Bags      Clothing      Fashion      Hats      T-Shirts      Traditional      Textile      Madras
Kemai John
Greetings and much thanks for visiting Nyabi's Creations Ltd profile page. Nyabi's Creations Ltd ...
Carvings      Jewelry      Sculptures      Decorative      Functional      Bamboo      Calabash      Seeds      Wood      Household      Coconut      Cow Horn      Souvenirs
Orlando Cuffy
I am Artisan, Orlando Cuffy, a wood sculptor, carver and local jewelry maker. My sculptures and c...
Soaps      Coconut
Mornell Allan
I am Artisan, Mornell Allan and I represent a family-owned business called Secret Garden. Secret ...
Belts      Jewelry      Weaving      Bamboo      Seeds
Sandy Alexis
TJ’s Tings is a mini home-based and mobile business operated by Sandy Alexis, a Craft maker for o...
Greeting Cards      Key-rings      Fine Art      Photography      Fridge Magnets      Madras      Recycled      Paintings      Souvenirs      Bowls      Paper      Decorative      Eco      Paper Craft      Prints      Postcards
Celia Sorhaindo
Tropical Ties Dominica Photography products and other craft by artisan Celia Sorhaindo. "A Shot o...
Carvings      Jewelry      Bamboo      Calabash      Coconut      Coral      Cow Horn      Seeds      Shells      Wood      Decorative      Sculptures
Albert Casimir
Owned by Artisan, Albert Casimir, Albert Casimir’s Craft specializes in carvings and jewelry. My ...
Crochet      Bags      Jewelry      Clothing      Hats      Fashion
Katia Charles
Versatile Crochet is a crochet business based in the Commonwealth of Dominica and owned by Artisa...
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