New Beginning Gifts and Leathers (NBGL)

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Vanessa Lissa Winston
(767) 612-4585(767) 612-4585
(767) 245-7368(767) 245-7368

New Beginning Gifts and Leathers (NBGL) is a micro-enterprise owned by Vanessa Lissa Winston

At NBGL we take pride in designing and producing aroma candles and soaps for weddings, christenings, first communion, anniversaries, birthdays as well as for daily use. We also produce leather belts and jewelry made from leather, recycle and natural materials; all items can be customized to fill a personal need.

One of our main aims at NBGL is to encourage the further sustainable development of the Arts and Crafts industry, particularly among the youth, and we are involved with the 4-H clubs and other youth groups.

We work hard to keep the craft industry alive and strong by undertaking regular training programs to teach craft from natural and recycled materials and promoting other local crafts. It is from this passion that the New Beginning Craft Workshop was set up.

New Beginning Craft Workshop is a social- economic project, which will enable young people to attain the skills and required motivation to become more self sufficient. This project involves a series of workshops that will see experienced craftsmen and artisans teach craft modules to at risk and unemployed youth.

It is expected that out of this project a number of craft people will be empowered to immediately develop a cooperative attitude, and go on to use this training and the workshop as a resource launch pad for sustainably designing and manufacturing local arts and crafts and other local hand made goods.