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Kathy Sorhaindo

Bamboo River Development

Kreative Links creates jewelry designs in the warm metals of copper and brass as well as in sterling silver and natural materials found in the Nature Isle. Bamboo, coconut, sea glass, beach stones, dried mango seeds, and indigenous seeds and pods are sometimes incorporated into the copper, brass and silver designs to give the collection that “Naturally Earthy Touch”.

I design and hand-make all my pieces, which include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets, from small, simple pieces to more complicated ones like hand cut, hammered bracelet cuffs to crochet wire pieces and earring hangers, keeping in mind that customers have many, many different tastes  and fashion ideas. Each piece is unique and each design has a piece of my heart and soul in it, making it a labour of love.

I started making jewelry in the early 1990’s with sea fan and shells. Being a sun-worshipper and having always been inspired by the sun, the sea and the sand and all the little treasures which can be found there, I decided to make some jewelry pieces in my spare time and started selling them to friends and family. I was self taught in jewelry making at this stage. However, at that time, being employed in a management  job on a full-time basis in Barbados, did not allow me to pursue the jewelry making on a large scale as I would have loved to. Instead, I laboured on with my full-time job until 2010, attended a few basic jewelry making courses in Barbados, then I made a decision to follow my heart and relocate to my homeland Dominica. I was no longer interested to working for anyone BUT myself and in doing anything else BUT hand-made jewelry. So after a few months of settling down into my new home, I started “Kreative Links” in November 2011. Fashion trends changed between 1990 and 2010, so I made the shift into metal work, which I really enjoy, especially the “hard” part of the metal work, like hand sawing the metal, hammering, soldering, etc. This part is really my favourite part of jewelry making, but I still do a lot of wire work and some beading, to satisfy the needs of all my customers. For me, doing hand-made jewelry is fun and creative, and I get loads of satisfaction in designing and making something with my own hands “from scratch”.  Something which can make someone happy, or can enhance an outfit, or can provide a meaningful gift to a friend.  I don’t call it “work”, because making every piece is fun and exciting.

My jewelry is sold from my home shop, at several hotels on the island, some boutiques in the capital, Roseau, and at various craft fairs which take place throughout the year in Dominica. I also have a facebook page where one can view photos of some of my designs.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and if you happen to like any pieces which you may want to purchase, you may contact me through facebook and/or my contact numbers/addresses.

Remember “Kreative Links” – Your Link to Kreative Accessories- Nature isle of Dominica.

Jewelry in Copper, Brass, Silver & Natural Material