Cecilia Making Craft (C.M.C)

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Contact Name
Cecilia Joseph George

Upper Penville,
Commonwealth of Dominica

(767) 316-0621(767) 316-0621
(767) 285-8703(767) 285-8703

Cecilia Making Craft (C.M.C) is a craft business owned by Artisan Cecilia Joseph George from Penville, in the north of Dominica. I specialize in making mats, decorative cups, baskets and hats using a local straw called “screw pine”. I also craft crochet items such as shoulder bags dolls in various colours and sizes. Recently, I have also mastered the art of making local, healthy, coconut oil.

 My interest in craft started at a very young age at a time when my mother sent me to learn craft- making at the home of an older lady in the village. I continued learning the skill as I got older and then decided to specialize creatively with the “screw-pine straw”, at home. My small business continued to grow and I diversified a bit with crochet items in order to increase my sales.

 I sell my craft from my home as well as at our Roseau Market as well as craft fairs which take place on the island.

 Feel free to browse my photos and if you wish to purchase any items , you may contact me..