Arthurley Richards

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Arthurley Richards

Point Mitchel,
Commonwealth of Dominica

(767) 612-7666(767) 612-7666

I am a self-taught Artist whose paintings reflect the life and nature of my homeland, Dominica. Born and raised on the banks of the Roseau River, I began drawing and building structures with sand and stones at a very tender age. Also my love for teaching was inspired by the following quote:

“sing not songs of make believe, nor paint pictures of fanciful delusions, but create to relate to the struggles of my people.”

My earliest works predominantly illustrated characters. However, my paintings currently capture scenes of verdant forests, cascading waterfalls, meandering crystal, clear streams and rugged terrain, with which my homeland is richly blessed and which I take pleasure in sharing with my viewers.

Some of my paintings are exhibited at “Everybody’s Gallery” on Hillsborough Street in the capital, Roseau.

I invite you to browse my photos and if you would like further information you may contact me at my listed number.